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We constantly improve our consultancy, products and systems, by understanding our customers’ specific needs. Many busy clients do not have the time to see possibilities to optimise their business processes or to tackle efficiency issues before they become real problems. Often, caught up by the day-to-day, businesses are rooted in familiar (established) routines and cautious about change.

We take a supportive step back with you; we walk together through your processes, listen, understand and only then do we begin our process of implementing our insider know-how to put your processes back on track and make your business more sustainable and profitable.

  • Building a sustainable business
  • Implementing what we learn from our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to get the best results for you
  • Supplying high quality products and solutions that best match your needs
  • Adding value to products and systems to meet your requirements, tailormade
  • Evolving your organisation on its journey, together.

Over 25 years of experience in the field of RFID technology

Frits van Calker started working in the field of RFID in 1997 but his experience is not limited to this field. He engineered production improvement technologies since 1986 and was operating in the manufacturing industry consultancy since 1989. He also has over 30 years of experience in management positions, ranging from production management to sales and marketing management.

Frits has an absolute and infectious passion for his business that is not just driven by self-interest. Frits shows a fervent concern for the business of his customers and is always keen to use the skills of RFID Direct to deliver a very real improvement for them.

(Nick Orr, Principal @ Lucrum Ltd)

Sharing knowledge

We strongly believe that sharing knowledge will help us and the industry grow together. Getting young people interested in technology, SMART solutions and IoT is a way to help them grow personally and will help the industry develop at the same time. Over the past few years we have guest lectured at several univeristies (Glyndwr University in Wrexham in 2015, John Moores University in Liverpool in 2016 and at Chester University in 2020). We have also been asked to speak at conferences like AIM.

Knowledge, rather than capital or labour, are the only meaningful economic resource of the post-capitalist or knowledge society.

(Prof. Peter F. Drucker, 1993)

How we work

Our own process

Thinking Cybernetics, the essential goal is to understand and define functions and processes of the systems.

“Frits is without doubt one of the pre-eminent bodies of knowledge in the field of RFID, across all frequencies”

Mark Stothers
Tyco Retail Solutions Ltd.

“It’s nice to receive such unbureaucratic support.”

Mirko Konrad
Ragbit GmbH
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