Sijperda Verhuur BV

With over 30 years of business experience in the rental of construction machines and tools, Sijperda is ‘the’ rental specialist of the North of the Netherlands. A wide range of equipment for both professionals and private individuals is on offer – from contractor, painter, road worker and gardener to the handyman who likes to roll up his sleeves at home. Serving customers from 12 geographic locations, each with an individual inventory of materials.

The Challenge

‘Keeping Track, Adding Value’ is the key aim of our solution for Sijperda – Knowing exactly what equipment and tools are at which location in stock to optimise customer service. Sijperda uses a third-party InspHire Rental Software Application, installed on Mobile Barcode Scanners, interacting with a central Database Application in the Cloud, designed, and built by Sijperda themselves. Barcoded labels are however not robust enough for this environment, and scanning individual assets takes time as line of sight is required. 

RFIDdirect was asked if the scanning process could be done more efficiently using RFID asset identification, whilst continuing to use their current Mobile Application software and Central Database; minimum disruption, maximum value.

The Solution

Most assets were easily fitted with tags – despite harsh material and environmental challenges; RFID tags and labels are now designed to be sufficiently adaptable and robust for most jobs.

Tagging electrical cables with a passive RFID tag was a particular challenge that was resolved by using a small mount-on-metal tag. Fitted on the cable and protected with an additional shrink sleeve. This makes scanning bulk a much easier and time-consuming task.

In general, RFID mobile scanners do not send the data as Keyboard Wedge* into an installed software application like barcode scanners do. RFIDdirect introduced the Orca RFID / Barcode handheld scanners on which the third-party mobile rental was installed. A Keyboard Wedge Application (Version 4 today) was developed and installed. This made scanning RFID tags fitted on assets using the Rental Application possible.

RFIDdirect developed software for the handheld terminals to do an interactive stock take at any of the 12 locations, communicating via Wi-Fi and SIM card with the central Database.

The Advantage

Sijperda Verhuur BV are now actively using passive RFID tags for identifying individual assets whilst continuing to use the third-party InspHire Mobile Application software successfully. Inventory inspections are completed far more efficiently and speedily; practical cycle counts within inventory counts can also be deployed at any time keeping the overview of asset availability accurate in real time.

Sensing Objects powered by RFIDdirect

Sensing Objects is the software brand used by RFIDdirect. Our team can develop a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements, using their many years of hands-on experience in industry. Moreover, the solution can be integrated without the need of replacing your existing database and management software – reducing costs and disruption to your business.

* Keyboard Wedge is a software routine that translates the RFID scanned data input into keyboard strokes for a computer. Data sent through a Keyboard Wedge appears as if it was typed into the computer, while the keyboard itself remains fully functional.