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Capturing data and analysing processes helps make better decisions

Is your company still collecting process data with pen and paper and manually written job-cards? Re-typing data entries in several spread sheets to create your process overview? 

If so, you’re not alone. Research shows some 78% of the manufacturing industry is doing the same.

  • How much real time data are you losing? 
  • How big is your backlog in processing and analysing this data? 
  • How much waste do you have in the process of manufacturing? 
  • Do you have accurate inventory availability information in real time?
  • Do you have an accurate costing of your product at all times?
  • Is your reporting fit for purpose?

RFIDdirect can supply a solution that matches your needs, improves the visibility of your process providing you with the information to proactively manage the process. 

Have you heard of Industry 4.0 and IoT? Think it is not applicable for your business? Think again.

Here at RFIDdirect we’re already optimising their connectivity opportunities and creating solutions to improve efficiency bring the ‘smart-factor’ and ‘lean’ into manufacturing, warehousing, and production logistics. With a focus on RFID technology we enable Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC); making your business more sustainable, agile and competitive.

Tracking solutions

The key for many business solutions is tracking individual assets, individual components, the status of procurement orders and the whereabout of critical tools within your process. 

Enhancing Operations

Understanding your process flows by value stream, mapping this process, provides an incline where improvements can be made. Leading to reduction of non value-added activities, improving lead times.

Developing Sustainabilitiy

Increased real time visibility due to AIDC and IoT techniques, in combination with actively managing your processes, will reduce waste in the wider sense of the word, reduce the overall production costs and reduce lead times for your customer orders. 

RFIDdirect helps companies to get leaner

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Thinking Cybernetics, the essential goal is to understand and define functions and processes of the systems.

“Frits shows a fervent concern for the business of his customers and is always keen to use the skills of RFID Direct to deliver a very real improvement for them.”

Nock Orr
Lucrum Ltd.

“Without hesitation I would recommend any business or individual wanting to work with a “subject matter expert” should consider looking no further than Frits.”

Mark Stothers
Tyco Retail Solutions Ltd.
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