Top 10 applications for RFID

There are no international statistics published on volumes of RFID data carriers used in the different market segments. However, we can identify some major markets for the use of RFID. Not in a qualified sequential order, but from our own observations on the 10 main applications of RFID technology based on volumes of data carriers (labels/tags) sold should be the following:

  • Retail: product identification and supply chain logistics
  • Transport: transport ticketing (NFC)
  • Human Identification: passport and ID-cards, Bank payment cards (NFC)
  • Automotive: vehicle key identification (de-mobilizer)
  • Pet animal & livestock: individual animal identification
  • Ministry of Defence (MOD & DOD): logistics and supply chain management
  • Logistics: logistic processes
  • Manufacturing: process data capture of individual products
  • Warehousing: inventory management
  • Loyalty Cards: customer after service and loyalty systems

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