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Simply Encoding


Scan the Barcode – Encode the RFID

Whilst RFID-labels can be printed and encoded easily in a special RFID printer, encoding RFID-tags is a very laborious job. Simply Encoding is designed to bridge the gap between Barcode and RFID technologies. Print all the required identification numbers as a Barcode-font on a sheet of paper. Scan the individual Barcode and encode the RFID tag fitted on the asset in a single movement – eliminating the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing errors.

The recommended mobile RFID terminal is the Lynx.

Benefits of Simply Encoding

  • Seamless Integration
    Easily convert barcode data into RFID-tags, eliminating manual entry and reducing manual labour time
  • Flexibility at a touch
    Already fitted RFID-tags can be (re-)programmed simply, and onsite. No need to replace RFID-tags.

Typical Applications

  • Encoding of Mount-on-Metal tags and other hard-tags fitted on assets like containers and reusables (RTIs).
  • Logistics, simplifies warehouse operations by allowing workers to encode RFID-labels for incoming shipments using the barcode information provided on the delivery documents.
  • Manufacturing, additionally identify products in the production environment with RFID to optimise the further process in line.
  • In your application?