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Simply Inventory


Location – Scan – Upload

Simply inventory is asset tracking software which leverages RFID technology for data collection and analytics. This mobile app speeds up slow pen and paper methods of gathering asset data. One swift scan from the mobile app, gains perfect inventory visibility. Then export that information as an Excel spreadsheet to be used with your existing management system.

Only works on the Orca and Lynx mobile terminals.

Benefits of simply inventory

  • Streamlined asset management
    Reduce inventory counting time by using the power of RFID, collecting asset information instantly.
  • Integration with Excel
    Export the information gathered as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet that can be easily modified and incorporated into your existing management system.
  • One-time low-cost purchase
    With a single purchase, a permanent Simply Inventory licence can be acquired for unlimited scans. Ensuring no hidden costs and giving you peace of mind.

Typical Applications

  • Facility management, furniture / asset inventory counting
  • Tooling management
  • Goods-in & Goods-out processes
  • Warehouse inventory checks and cycle count
  • Your application?